Content and Image Slider Plugins

Free Image and Content Slider Plugins
Coda Slider – This plugin is good if you want to use posts for your slides. You can create a category called “featured” and use the same post in your slider and your blog. The downside of this plugin is that it will only slide posts, you can’t choose to fade or any other transition.

Thethe Image Slider – This plugin works well with images and captions but it has its shortcomings. You have to know some HMTL to make more advanced captions, and there are a lot of advertisements in the WordPress side. This plugin is based off of the Nivo Slider which is better for images than content.

The Best Slider Plugin
We use WooSlider because it has a lot of flexibility. Its based off of Flexislider. It will work with just images, posts, or its own custom post type call slideshows. These slideshow posts can be categorized to support multiple slideshows on the website. Also wooslider has a slider widget, and it will show images attached to a post like a WordPress gallery.


Its not free but only costs $29.

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