How to fight spam without Askimet

Askimet is not free for commercial use.  Although many commercial WordPress users lie and sign up for the free ‘personal use’ version, we sleep a little better at night knowing we are abiding by the rules.  Here are a few tools to manage spam without Askimet.

1. Install Anti-spam Bee – This is a free alternative to Askimet that blocks spammers based on a blacklist of IP addresses.  Just activate the plugin and you are good to go.

2. Install a captcha for comments – We use Captcha by BestWebSoft because it is easier than recaptcha.  ReCaptcha is more effective in blocking spam but the letters are often difficult for actual users.  Si Captcha may allow for the occasional spam comment but that is better than frustrating people who actually want to comment.

That is usually all it takes to reduce 95% of the spam you will receive on your WordPress blogs.  Here are a few other techniques we have used.

Turn off comments on older posts – Not recommended.  The great thing about blogs is that they live on forever in the search engines long after they are recent news.  We often receive important comments years after something was posted.

Remove the website URL from the comment form – Not Recommended.  A great thing about all social media sites is that you can click on a person’s name and visit their profile.  If you like what they had to say you can find more information.  The URL field is the same type of feature for blogs.

Remove Trackbacks altogether – OK. Trackbacks were made with good intentions but they are pretty pointless.

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