Photo & Photo Gallery Plugins

Standard WordPress Gallery Method
If you use the Standard WordPress Gallery method we recommend using the PrettyPhoto Media plugin. After you install the plugin go to the plugin settings and enable use for Standard WordPress galleries.

Use NextGen Gallery to make it easier
If you have every tried to train a WordPress beginner on how to insert a photo gallery you will know how many steps it involves. Although the new Media management in WP 3.5 looks nice I don’t think it made it any easier to create photo galleries. I think it easier to train beginners on how to create galleries in NextGen Gallery, then insert them into posts.

Use both plugins together
NextGen makes it easy to incorporate PrettyPhoto as well as other lightbox plugins to display photo galleries. Go to the NextGen Options, then click effects and you can set a custom setting for PrettyPhoto, rel=”prettyPhoto[%GALLERY_NAME%]”


Here is prettyPhoto Gallery with some of our recent designs.

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