Postman SMTP

Some sites, and some hosting platforms, have difficulty handling email, in which case we have to add a plugin to ensure email delivery goes through smooth. Here are the steps for adding our preferred plugin, Postman SMTP, to a WordPress site:

  1. Find the plugin within the repository. It is
  2. Have at the ready an email address, preferably a gmail, and log in to it. You’ll need this address to set up the APP, API Key and App Secret.
  3. Enable the plugin and go through the Setup Wizard. It will ask you the email address and name. If a gmail address, it will go through the next two steps without any input needed.
  4. In authentication, click the link to the Google Developers Console Gmail Wizard to set up the App.
  5. In the Console, it will ask you to create a project and if you agree to the terms of service. This will enable the API.
  6. In the first step, you are using a Gmail API. In the second step, you’ll be calling this from a Web Browser (JavaScript). Next, click on User Data as the data you will be accessing. Then click on What Credentials Do I Need?
  7. The Console will ask you for the Authorized JavaScript origins and Redirect URI, which are in the current screen of Postman SMTP. Add those to the console and click on create the ID.
  8. Still in the Console, add the email address and add a Product Name of your choosing.
  9. This will give you the Client ID. Copy it and paste it into Postman SMTP’s settings.
  10. To get the Client Secret, click on Credentials in the left menu, then click on the name of your APP. This will give you the Secret. Add to Postman SMTP.
  11. You’ll have to enable the APP, which Postman will prompt you to do.
  12. You’ll also need to go back into the settings, and change the transport type to Gmail API from SMTP.

And that should be it. Next, test the form to make sure everything is in order.

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