Setting Up Site-Search on Google Analytics

Google Analytics Site Search

  1. After logging into Google analytics, you want to select the profile on where you would like to track the searches.
  2. Click on the admin tab on the top right of the Navigation menu and select the View Settings option under View Column (first option in the column on the right)
  3. Scroll down until you see the Site Search Settings header and turn the button on to allow site search tracking.
  4. In the input field below labeled “Query parameter”, please enter the query parameter for your searches on your site.
    • Just make a test search on your site and look for the letter after the “?” in your URL
    • Enter that letter into the input field(usually the letter “q” or “s”….The WordPress Default is “s”)
  5. You can also track category searches if you please by turning on the Site search categories button and entering the category parameters in the input labeled “Category Parameters”.
  6. Now just Click Save and you are all set!

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